Super Human Book Review: Quiet 3/7/2013

Greetings Cup Checkers,

Long time no see! Been a minute since my last post as these past couple months have been busy. After planning and re-planning all offseason, I finally got married and it’s been great. We were on our honeymoon when I had the downtime to get into a great book called “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking,” written by Susan Cain.

Quiet Quick summary:

This book defines “introvert” and debunks many of the clichés surrounding the term. An introvert is a person who, more often than not, prefers listening to speaking, reading to partying, create rather than boast. Introverts are big time brainstormers. The “quiet” or “shy” people who we might view negatively are actually credited with many of the great achievements in the modern world.

Cain tries to show how much society takes introverts for granted through many real life stories and studies. Often viewed as a negative thing, introverts are not understood and perhaps being “shy” is not what it seems at all. Cain gives first hand experience on how to interact as an introvert and offers information to empower those who feel they are “quiet.”

What Cup Checkers can get from the book:

 Do you find yourself drained after a group event? Do you feel like you get power from time to yourself rather than meeting up for a big dinner? Chances are you are an introvert. This book will show you that that is not a bad thing.

Every day, as minor leaguers, we deal with a lot of people. If you find yourself to be an introvert, this can be a challenge. This book will definitely give one the toolset to navigate the world we live in and how to handle relationships, communication, etc. To understand what makes you tick and how to handle your genetic personality can be a valuable tool when understood correctly. It will make you more comfortable with yourself if you do want to read that book instead of going to that party….

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